Friday, October 22, 2004

Hey all, just thinking about random things right now. I got to thinking about the lives of my parents. When my parents were young than I am now, they were already married. The December before their 20th birthdays (in January and February) they were married. I've been 20 for four months, and Sam is just recently 20. I think that's weird. I'm worried about the wedding, the yearbook, and RHA, but my parents were already living together. In a year and a half from now(about that), if I were following the same path as my parents, I'd have my first child. It just seems strange to me. I love kids. I want kids, but I don't want kids now. I think it would be great, and I really think that I'll make a good father. I guess I'm going through my quarter-life crisis. I guess I'm just tired. It is 2 a.m., but I'm only sort of tired. I guess I have nothing more to post though. Just an odd mood.

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