Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I can't bring myself to believe in Fate. It just clashes with my belief that my life is not predestined. Serendipity, now there's an idea I can cope with. Samantha always talks about fate that brought us together, and I just wonder, "Isn't that a stretch?" I really cannot see some idea of "fate" leading us together. Does that mean that we're not meant for each other? I would say definitely not. But imagine this if you will. Some people go their whole lives not finding their one true love, but why is that? Does fate really keep people apart? How can one justify an idea that picks and chooses happiness like that? I believe that most people don't see chance as a positive factor in life. Serendipity brings you a situation you weren't really looking for, but it's something that gives and pleases without any predestination. I don't believe that my moving to Michigan was fate, but I do know that I wasn't about to go searching for "the love of my life" at that point. But who knew it was what I needed most? Serendipity stepped in and presented Samantha. Chance, yes? Fate, I wouldn't say so. You've heard of high school sweethearts who marry, right? And also people who don't find someone until much later in life? Serendipity. It doesn't play the same thing for each person. You have to work sometimes for serendipity's full effect, not so with fate. I don't believe that we have things laid in our laps, if so, how do people miss it? No, you always have to be on the lookout for opportunities that arise.Fate? No no, my friend. Serendipity is the force you must drive.

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