Thursday, December 16, 2004

One mumbling asked: what kind of novels are you interested in writing?I began to comment, and it ended up being a post. So, love1another05, here is my response. All others can read it too. It's important to me.
Hmm...novels. I wish I knew where to start. Basically I'd like to deal with people trying to change who they are for love and realizing it's not least that's my first idea. I like to write about people finding their way and becoming a better person because of it. I guess that's why I liked that post. She was grieving, but she went to work. The memories still haunt her, but she continues to live. I think that makes her a better person because of it. It's difficult to cope and move on, and something in her world clicked at that very moment and sent her to work.
I guess I'm destined to write things with a twist of the melancholy spirit. It's part of who I am, it's Blue. I don't deny my past, but I'm finding ways to continue on...isn't that the point of life? Strength, emotional strength, drives us to be who we are. Physical strength comes into that as well, but only to the extent of getting up from the table, stepping on the bus, and going to work. We live in several worlds simultaneously. Emotional, physical, pyschological, past, present, future all combine to create one day. As a whole, most people are flawed in all of those aspects, but that's what makes humanity such a beautiful thing. Recognition of the flaw, acceptance of it. Those are the things that matter.
Now I just need to take my philosophy, spin a web of tales around it and market it to the world. I'd like to spread my simple message, and that's my next step. Well, The_Boy_Named_Blue finished finals for the semester, so now he's going to take his textbooks back and pack for the long drive home.

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