Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Serious contemplation of a fortune cookie's message...
I had Hunan Chicken for dinner tonight, and upon reading my fortune after dinner, it brought about some serious consideration for me. What did it say?
"Including others in your life will bring you great happiness."
This message, although found in a cookie, makes me pause to consider my personality of late. Social enough in normal conversations, I find myself avoiding other people in my life. Withdrawing back into my shell like some sheepish hermit crab is my current practice. I'm not sure what I wish to blame it on. I could say the weather and my natural distaste of this bitter season lead me back into myself, but I'm not sure that's entirely the reason I remove myself from the social scene when the sun goes down.
Although I have no problem interacting with people I meet, I tend to avoid encounters with friends and coworkers outside of routine meetings in classrooms, meeting rooms or on the sidewalk. I'm a loner at heart, and whether that extends from my dependence on self for writing or something else remains to be seen. I must admit that I wax poetic when I interact with no one but myself. I can provide a facade of social ability through written communication and short stints of interaction, but I rarely desire any kind of extended interaction. I think I may regret this someday, but I'm not sure I want to break out of my usual character.
"You value quality relationships over quantity relationships. While others may boast of hundreds of acquaintances, you will find security in deep relationships with a smaller number of people.
In new interpersonal situations, you may appear hesitant in relationships with others, and not easily risking or extending trust. This relates to your rather self-contained and cautious manner.
You may be passive and even cautious in your behavior toward others. On first meeting people, you may be somewhat suspicious, wanting to be more studying of others than revealing of yourself."

Straight out of the most extensive personality test I have ever taken is the result of my musings. Is there anything wrong with behaving in this manner? I would say no, but from now on, I'm going to consider this fortune, and seriously thinking of this simple, chance message.
"Including others in your life will bring you great happiness"
...in bed? I doubt it.

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