Tuesday, February 15, 2005

haven't updated since Saturday because I wanted to make sure a lot of people saw my previous post, but I suppose an update is in order.
I read one of the greatest books I've ever bought in the bargain section. "A Window Across the River" captures the tale of a writer and her difficulties in relationships because of her inclusion of real people in her fiction writings. It really captures the dilemnas of writers and artists everywhere.
The week proceeds as always. I have to interview the Regents Thursday morning because Megan has another scheduling conflict. Speaking of scheduling conflicts, I have to set up interviews with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia actives, and that's turing into quite the interesting experience. I should have my five interviews by Sunday, but I'll be more than happy to have yearbook out of the way first.
Work seems to be piling up, but I'm not very stressed about the whole deal. That in itself if somewhat a cause to worry. Oh well, I will survive as always.
On the positive side, my newspaper story about free income tax preparation went through read without any corrections. Income tax prep is one of the most boring assignments ever, which makes it difficult too. I'm so glad that I pumped out a story in half an hour that was good enough to do that. You can read my story in the Northwest Missourian this week, but it's pretty dumb (unless you find income tax preparation interesting).
Well, homework awaits and I can't put it off any longer. I bid you buenas noches, and extend my recommendation for "A Window Across the River."

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