Sunday, February 20, 2005

Kyle and I had this wonderful conversation today about a million things, and one thing we discussed was Family Guy characters. I did a search for "What Family Guy Character are You? on and found these two quizzes. I would agree with the results, but it's because I got two of the best characters from the show.
In other news, I got a 100% on my national exam quiz for PMA, I finished most of the yearbook and I managed to obtain 10 hours of sleep last night. Life is good. I guess I didn't finish most of the book, but I helped.
I got my copy of "The Awakening" and I'm busy practicing it to return to my former capabilities in playing the song. I played it for my piano recital junior year in high school and accompanied the Hastings High School Varsity Singers with it in 2003. It is one of THE GREATEST piano accompaniments available.
My voice student, Sarah, did very well at NATS, I hear. I'm glad. She is really good, but she doesn't usually take a confident approach. I hope she had a good time. I would have gone to NATS, but Tower Yearbook and the Northwest Missourian both had dibs on my Saturday.
Interviews for PMA are well underway, and I'm excited to meet with all of the guys. Interviews are easy to do because I'm used to talking to people I don't know very well, and these guys actually have something interesting to say.
RHA's Love Week is dead and gone, and I couldn't be happier. We only had two students show up for the screening of American Pie Friday night, but I had a good time watching the movie anyway. I'm wasting time not working on chemistry or technical writing, which I will regret later. My probationary class meets at 9 p.m. tonight, so that is exciting. I hope to get some good idea about what our song is going to be.
I might be helping Kurtz with Homecoming Skit stuff, so that'll be way cool. All in all, it looks like the beginning of the week will be hellish, but it will finish out nicely.
Personally, my mood has improved greatly since the beginning of the month, and I attribute that to the improving weather. It's supposed to snow 5-8 inches in Michigan tonight, but I have my windows open in South right now, and I could not be happier with the spring-like conditions. Mid-terms loom on the horizon, but they don't intimidate me. Also, I don't have American Novel on Wednesday or Friday. Granted, I have to write a 3-page synthesis paper and turn it in by 4 p.m. Friday, but I can do that no problem. *knock on wood*
Well, I should probably study something before my 9 o'clock. I might post more later. It depends on my mood. See ya.

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