Sunday, February 06, 2005

Saturday updates are a rareity, but this evening was worth mention. I received the call from Iowa and T-Rev this afternoon to go to St. Joseph with them, and I immediately sprang into action, grabbing my shoes and jacket and heading out the door. After a few minor delays because no one else would leave their "work" or "stuff to do" to go with us, we were on our way.
Mass hysteria ensued, and I feared for my life while riding in Harriet, the wonder car from Iowa, because Iowa is a crazy driver and can't accellerate through race car turns without almost killing us all. I was yelling random things in the car and mocking our Great Spirit Walker Guide Brent. We eventually hooked up with Great Spirit Walker...who became Crawler for awhile and, after viewing his building, went on the road again for food.
We roamed St. Joe for awhile, and while driving through the Chili's parking lot I schooled the guys because they mocked my usage of "exponentially" as inappropriate. We eventually ended up at Perkins, and I scarfed down a burger and fries after we left comments on the sugar packets, half and half and jelly packets. During our time at Perkins, Brent upgraded his status to Spirit Pontiac Grand Prix because he dumped half and half into Iowa's Coke. True genius. GOULET!
We dropped Brent off and went to Hastings, where I totally schooled a group of high schoolers. GOULET!!! I OWN YOU! The Hastings in St. Joe is bigger than the one in Kirksville, so it was interesting to wander around and see what I could see.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so we left to return to the 'Ville. The journey back included a rousing reenactment of the Coconut Banger's Ball and all things Bobby Goulet. Truly a great experience. GOULET!

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