Thursday, February 10, 2005

The_Boy_Named_Blue loves Thursday afternoons without labs. The_Boy_Named_Blue also loves having meetings with professors who tell him he is smart enough to take a 600-level course without any major difficulties and other professors who tell him his plans are in order and he can graduate in the spring of 2006. These are just a few things The_Boy_Named_Blue loves.The_Boy_Named_Blue is not a big fan of Valentine's Day because he forgot that V-Day is approaching in approximately three days and he only has a card right now. However, The_Boy_Named_Blue knows that his wonderful girl is going to be lenient with him because he is a crazy man. Needless to say, The_Boy_Named_Blue still feels bad about slacking off, but he is going to try to make up for it by going to his lover's (he likes that word) choir concert in Kansas City tomorrow night. The_Boy_Named_Blue is unsure why he keeps referring to himself in the third person, but he is going to continue with the trend for the rest of the post.The_Boy_Named_Blue really likes being a part of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and wishes he didn't have to run the RHA meetings every Wednesday at 5 p.m., so he could go to the PMA meetings. The_Boy_Named_Blue has a busy weekend and must use his Saturday for homework rather than sleeping/watching TV. This makes him sad.The_Boy_Named_Blue is getting married 43 days before his RA of two years, and he thinks that's somewhat funny. He's not sure why he thinks it is so funny.In the end, The_Boy_Named_Blue knows that his girl knows she is loved and she makes him feel not so blue. The_Boy_Named_Blue also knows that he will find something for The_Girl_Who_Loves_Blue and it will be a good present. As the Valentine's Day craze passes, The_Boy_Named_Blue knows he will soon be able to walk down that aisle of Wal-Mart that is now oh-so Red and Pink.

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