Saturday, February 26, 2005

Well, it turns out that I'm driving spreads down later today, we just awoke for a South Complex fire alarm, and I returned to my room. Although I am now coherent, I'm not quite ready to drive down to Herff Jones to drop things off. Last night was a well-needed break from the stresses of Tower Yearbook. WE'RE DONE!!!!!!!!
I need some more shut-eye before I'm ready to drive south, and I need to be back by five to drive south again. I've never felt so irresponsibile, but I need this weekend for me.
Well my eyes are trying to jump out of their sockets because they have been abused the last week, so I'm going to return to my pyjama-ed state and sleep away. If you need me for anything you can call, but I might not answer.

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