Wednesday, April 20, 2005

*EDIT* Let me just say that I didn't screw up and cause a huge problem, so I'm getting really pissed that they're being so demanding with me to fix it. Fuck it, the class is done tomorrow and there's nothing they can say or do that will make my sources actually answer the phone, read their emails or contact me. I have a paper to do, and I'm not paid AT ALL by the Missourian so I refuse to clean up their mess.
Well, I have one more paper left this semester, and it's due at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I've done practically nothing on it. Thanks to those who read my articles and gave feedback, it really helps my primary research.
In other news, today saw the birth of "Random Acts of Yoohoo." I was at Beal Park this evening with the brothers until I had tech writing, but I came back after my final. I talked with Lee, James and Stephen for a bit and then proceeded home, but I had to stop for a drink (non-alcoholic). I pulled into Bearcat express and said, "I think I want a chocolatey drink, I'll grab a Yoohoo." I got to the Yoohoo section of Bearcat express and they had two remaining bottles of Yoohoo. "I know who would like this other bottle," I thought to myself. So I grabbed it too, paid for it and left for home.
Upon entering South Complex, I chatted with my RA who was working the desk and then stopped by the humble abode of Mr. Kyle Kurtz. With a quick knocking on his door, he opened it up and I presented him with the bottle of his favorite chocolate drink. His eyes lit up like an obese child at an all-you-can-eat candy store. I explained that Random Acts of Kindness are being replace by Random Acts of Yoohoo. I hope I improved his evening just a little bit, and now I will pass the message on to you. When you grab an icy cold bottle of Yoohoo, grab one for a friend and commit your own Random Act of Yoohoo.
Well, the research argument on narrative journalism awaits, so I'm off to do that. Have a good night, I could be up for awhile.

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