Thursday, April 21, 2005

I need encouragement to take up my story again. I won't provide the whole thing, but I want some responses on this section.
Josh hung up the phone and rolled out of bed, not feeling ready to tackle the day, and already dreading the end of the day, when he stumbled back into his apartment, threw his keys on the counter, and crashed into the mussed bed. Standing in the cramped bedroom of his cheap little apartment, he looked out the window and up into the small sliver of the sky he could see from his abode. The clouds were swollen with the large drops of water that streaked down his window and continued to fall down to the cramped alley, where cats ducked beneath refuse to avoid the wet.
‘Another day of this?’ he thought to himself, rubbing his face with the palm of his left hand as he stumbled toward the bathroom. Leaning on the grungy sink, which desperately needed to be cleaned, but he had not yet found time, he stared into the mirror at the image of himself. Who was the man looking back in the mirror? This gaunt, drained character with sullen eyes and no livelihood jarred his consciousness.
‘Is this really me? Boy oh boy, if the folks back home could see me now. Their poster child, surviving on ramen noodles and working a double shift at a grungy little record store for a few measley bucks. Is this what college was for?’ Sighing in exasperation, Josh turned away and wrenched the handle for the shower to come on. As the cheap shower head sputtered water sporadically in the shower and the floor outside of the cheap prefabricated unit common in cheap housing and seedy motels, Josh reviewed the schedule of the day’s events in his head.

“Even broken love is better than loneliness,”

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