Monday, April 18, 2005


My weekend has gone rather well, and I feel I've accomplished quite a bit. I went on a long walk Friday evening and I had a nice chat with Beth and Precious. It was very settling, which was a nice anchor for my hectic, homework-filled weekend. I also went over to the Station and had a nice little chat with Kelli, the next RHA President. We had "training," which basically means we talked about a lot of random shit including literature.
Saturday brought a day for American Novel journaling (which I still need to work on) and a couple of outings with my Phi Mu Alpha probationary class. We were on the lookout for costumes for our song because it is just that cool, and although we didn't find what we were looking for, I had a good time with the Davids. The Davids...does that sound like some weird band name to anyone else?
I also had my interviews with Justin and Dane, which meant a trip out to Mozingo to hang out with them and the other guys in my class. "That's what she said" was the phrase of the night (thanks to me), and I don't think I've laughed that hard in quite some time. Justin is serious about nature, and I had fun hanging out by the fire.
I came back to town and dropped off the guys. I then went to St. Paul's to practice the organ for this morning, and I found out today that I practiced two wrong hymns last night, but the right ones sounded much better than the two I struggled through. I was on the mark for the organ this morning, and that is always a nice feeling. I've definitely made a lot of progress since last spring when I started playing the organ. I can play with the pedals pretty well now.
I have the Tower Choir concert this afternoon and some heavy reading for Phi Mu Alpha, so my evening looks pretty book. Fifteen more journal entries for American Novel and that class is on the downhill sprint. At least that's one stress out of the way. My technical writing final is Wednesday and my last meeting for the Northwest Missourian is Thursday. Yearbook practicum ends tomorrow, and who knows how many more times Dr. Town will require our presence at the Tower Choir Hour. Needless to say, the semester is winding down well enough. Advanced Composition remains as my only major roadblock, but I've given up the pursuit of an A in that class.
Well, I need to go switch my laundry, so I will probably update more later when I'm trying to put off homework.

PERVERT! Did you scroll down here just to see some skin before reading my post? I can't believe you. Don't you care what's going on in my life? Why would I post nude pictures on my Xanga? This is not some porn site, this is a place for my thoughts.
Just kidding, I just thought it would be funny to see how many people would immediately scroll down to look at the photos, but I'm sure you won't fess up to it.

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