Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why is it that I always feel the need to do anything but homework when I should be doing nothing but homework? I have two big projects (school projects, who cares about work projects?) remaining this semester, but I have no desire to work on EITHER of them.
We're reading "Their Eyes Were Watching God" in my American Novel class, and I must say I am quite pleased thus far. It's actually a pretty good book. Unfortunately, I have more to do than read a book.
I got my car back and said, "Yes, my car is finally fixed. No more problems."
I then proceeded to make a left turn...but my front turn signal burned out, so I headed over to Walmart and bought a replacement bulb and a quart of oil (just because my car seemed a little thirsty). I'm good to go now.
My Tower Yearbook Editor interview is tomorrow, and I just remembered that. I'm obviously on top of things. What do you need to say at an interview when you're applying for a job no one else is applying for*?
*Unless someone else decided to apply and I didn't hear about it.
Back to non-work.

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