Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do you remember how your grandparents always said that in their day they had to walk to school 5 miles uphill both ways? Well, I figured it out. They weren't lying to us. Our grandparents were just trying to tell us that they grew up in Maryville, MO. Honestly, I just went for a short run because my body is tired. I think it was 2.5 miles or so, but my body wanted to give up about halfway through the run because it seemed like I couldn't catch a break and I was always running uphill.
I have my Communication Law midterm Thursday, and I'm a little nervous. We've learned about 50 court cases and I have to memorize all of them along with important laws and bills that apply to communication law. I love studying media law, and most of the course so far has been review and reinforcement since I studied media law on my own in high school, but I didn't have to memorize all of this information in my studies. I recognized some of the court name, could tell you what aspect of communication law they dealt with and even give some background to the case, but I wasn't as pressured to know it all. Oh well, that's what education is about, right?
A thought just occurred to me. What if instead of Greece, Samantha was actually going to Grease? Instead of ouzo there would be Rizzo and instead of olives there would be Olivia Newton-John. Instead of visiting the Olympic stadium will she be, not an athlete, but an athletic supporter? That would just be weird. I've got chills *they're multiplyin'*... I just hope the weather is good. I wouldn't want her to get struck by GREASED LIGHTING! Okay, I'll stop.

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