Thursday, June 23, 2005

I haven't updated in a couple of days, but that's because my life is pretty boring. I have some yearbook work to do, but I seem to be putting it off. Samantha's coming over this weekend, but I'm not sure we have any real plans. It'll be fun to just hang out.
I'm in a bit of a weird mood. I'm not sure exactly what's bugging me, but I feel a general mild annoyance with everything around me. I guess it's just a funk. Maybe it's because I don't feel in control of my life right now. People seem to have plenty suggestions of what I should do and different deadlines are looming, and I just feel like my input isn't very important in all of this. That's why I enjoyed going on a walk with my friend Beth tonight. We have good conversations about random things and she never offers me any unwanted advice. It's a rare thing to find in a person.
Well, I need to clean up my apartment before Samantha gets here tomorrow, so I'm going to cut this short and get started on cleaning things up a bit.
*EDIT* Pickup trucks that kick rocks into your windshield really suck. Some stupid truck outside Kirksville cracked my windshield and now I have to pay $387 to fix the damn thing.

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