Monday, June 27, 2005

So, I had a nice debate with myself tonight. I drove around for a little this evening and then returned to the homestead. Upon getting back, I said to myself, "I should go for a run."
"But you just ate twenty minutes ago."
"Yeah, but I'll be okay."
"No, it's hot and you'll feel like throwing up and will stop running early."
"I don't care I'm going running anyway."
So, I went to the dryer to grab my running clothes because I washed them this morning so I wouldn't have to jog in day-old sweat, but to my dismay, I didn't actually transfer my laundry to the dryer.
"So, hah!"
I must now wait for the dryer to dry my clothes, which means that my food will have a chance to digest and the weather might cool a fraction of a degree. Funny how things work sometimes.
*EDIT* I just got back from my run. Successfully delayed, it was pretty difficult. I attribute that to my shoes. Running barefoot (or in a shoe that accurately models the act) builds up the muscles in the feet and calves, and I'm feeling the burn. Well worth the investment, but not for the casual runner.

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