Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well, it's about time for an update. Samantha came over this weekend for a late birthday celebration. Still haven't been to the bars since I turned 21, but I did order a mucho margarita at Applebee's. So, since turning 21, I have bought, consumed, ordered and provided alcohol. Not bad it I say so myself.
In other news, I finally picked up a new pair of running shoes. I bought the new Nike Free shoes. You know, the ones with the tagline: "Run barefoot." They were very comfortable in the store, and I'm looking forward to running in them.
I also received the Associated Press Guide to Punctuation. I love books about punctuation. The subtleties of English grammar are so fun to learn about. That's right. Fun. F-U-N.
I spent way too much money this weekend, but my apartment actually looks like a living space now. Samantha got me decorations for my bathroom and I used gift cards from mis padres y abuelos to buy some stuff for my kitchen and living room.
Well, not much else that I want to write about right now. I'll update again sometime.

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