Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Because I feel somewhat unoriginal and I wish to post, I give you my rundown of classes.

General Psychology - Lani Clayton
This is a class of 70 students. Four of us are upperclassmen. It's at 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This class feels like it's going to be a slight waste of my time mixed with a professor's feeble attempt to make psychology interesting for a wide array of majors. Lofty goals...

Theories of Mass Communication - Fred Lamer
Sometimes I think Fred uses difficult words just to make himself seem smarter than he actually is. Then I realize that Fred is a genius who is teaching undergraduate mass communication courses. God bless his patience. I think I need a dictionary to understand everything he says.

Editing - Jody Strauch
Well, Jody wasn't in class Monday due to a family emergency, but I'm anticipating a great class. The focus of this class is grammar, and I plan to dominate the course with my good buddy T-Rev, just like we dominated Professional Media Writing together. 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' bi-atch

English Grammars - Bruce Litte
Anyone who's ever had Bruce Litte will understand when I say the man is random. The content is interesting to me (a mixture of linguistics, etymology and grammar), but the method of instruction confuses me. I hope things turn out better than they did on the first day.

Advanced Yearbook Practicum -
So, I'm the instructor for this little course because I'm the yearbook editor. Technically speaking, Laura Widmer is the instructor, but I'm the one up in front of the class every week. I'm going to enjoy teaching a course. It's managing people that will drive me crazy.

Creative Writing: Fiction - Rebecca Aronson
I love creative writing, and I've had Rebecca for two classes before (plus she's my minor adviser). This is going to be my "this is a lot of work, but I love it" class. There's a lot of talent in here, and I'm looking forward to bouncing my ideas off other writers.

Well, this doesn't seem quite right, but it's true. I'm only taking 17 hours this trimester. I say only because 17 is a pretty light load for me. I've been spending my non-class time in Wells Hall trying to get Tower things squared away. I just wish my adviser was around (and I wish she wouldn't have needed to leave). I can deal with the stress of delayed communication with Laura because she's functioning a lot better than I would in the same situation. Keep on truckin'.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm a big fan of the Odd News section of Yahoo! News, but this was just too bizarre.

Pickled fetus head fuels art furor

That's right, a Chinese artist created a piece of art that is the head of a human fetus attached to a seagulls body all kept in a jar of formaldehyde. Quite odd if you ask me.

In other news, my life is just full of procrastination, and I'm afraid it will soon catch up with me. I guess it's all good, but I'm thinking this is not the way to start off the school year. However, I blame my year-round attendance at Northwest to be the cause of this premature apathy for the semester.

I start the Fall 2005 trimester in fitting fashion by going to the 8 a.m. session of general psychology. I looked at my schedule for tomorrow, and I only have one hour off aside from meal breaks (granted those other hours are working in the yearbook office). Oh well.

I'm digging life with the roommates. They're a really good group of guys. Bryan, Josh, Brent and Trent: the four men of A201, "The Flat."

I'm just not feeling the Xanga "magic" right now. This was the only bit I could choke out. I guess I'm just going through the Xanga actions until something reignites my love of online journaling. Stay cool.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So, a little bit more serious of a post is in order. I have finally returned to Maryville after my little travel adventure. I do leave for yearbook retreat this weekend, but I'm pretty much back here for good. As I sit and look at my ever-growing "to do" list, I realize that I might just have to trim my involvement a bit.

Yes, my friends, I am thinking about leaving the Tower Choir after my brilliant one-semester stint. I could really use the extra time, and there's also the issue of a conflict of dates between journalism and choir. You see, I've been planning to go to New Orleans for the College Media Advisers national fall conference, but Tower Choir has two, yes TWO, performances during that time period. I figure I'll still be involved with music as a member of PMA and as church organist, but I just can't bring myself to sign on for this.

If I do drop TC, I'll get going from 18 hours to 17 hours, the first time I've dipped below the max since freshman year. I'm pretty certain I'm going to gracefully bow out, so it would take some major convincing to change my mind at this point.

For those of you who don't care whether I'm in Tower Choir (for example, you are not involved), I heard an interesting tidbit today on NPR's Fresh Air. The had Dr. Warren Clark, the founder of, on the show today. They were discussing the history of the site as well as some of the issues surrounding it. One part really caught my attention and made me think. Clark said the site does not cater to homosexuals because they don't have the research to know how gays connect on an emotional level and what their relationships are like. I am heterosexual, and so maybe I don't understand the difference, but quite frankly, I don't think there is a difference between what heterosexuals look for in a relationship and what homosexuals want. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do homosexuals seek different emotions in their relationships than heterosexuals?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, I'm spending my days up here in the good ol' Hastings, Mich., where I am staying with the Wallace family and enjoying the presence of their brand new corgi puppy. Apparently, I act as a sedative for babies, be they animal or human, and I induce napping by my presence. That being said, Oliver (the puppy) is a bundle of energy, and it's really funny to see him leaping and playing, and then he just crashes.
The trip was nice, and I really enjoyed seeing Hank and Rosie (Samantha's grandparents) and meeting Donna and Howard (Samantha's other grandparents). It's always nice to meet someone's family.
My yearbook editor scholarship went through on top of my presidential scholarship, so now the school is paying me to go to Northwest. It's nice. More to come later.