Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Because I feel somewhat unoriginal and I wish to post, I give you my rundown of classes.

General Psychology - Lani Clayton
This is a class of 70 students. Four of us are upperclassmen. It's at 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This class feels like it's going to be a slight waste of my time mixed with a professor's feeble attempt to make psychology interesting for a wide array of majors. Lofty goals...

Theories of Mass Communication - Fred Lamer
Sometimes I think Fred uses difficult words just to make himself seem smarter than he actually is. Then I realize that Fred is a genius who is teaching undergraduate mass communication courses. God bless his patience. I think I need a dictionary to understand everything he says.

Editing - Jody Strauch
Well, Jody wasn't in class Monday due to a family emergency, but I'm anticipating a great class. The focus of this class is grammar, and I plan to dominate the course with my good buddy T-Rev, just like we dominated Professional Media Writing together. 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' bi-atch

English Grammars - Bruce Litte
Anyone who's ever had Bruce Litte will understand when I say the man is random. The content is interesting to me (a mixture of linguistics, etymology and grammar), but the method of instruction confuses me. I hope things turn out better than they did on the first day.

Advanced Yearbook Practicum -
So, I'm the instructor for this little course because I'm the yearbook editor. Technically speaking, Laura Widmer is the instructor, but I'm the one up in front of the class every week. I'm going to enjoy teaching a course. It's managing people that will drive me crazy.

Creative Writing: Fiction - Rebecca Aronson
I love creative writing, and I've had Rebecca for two classes before (plus she's my minor adviser). This is going to be my "this is a lot of work, but I love it" class. There's a lot of talent in here, and I'm looking forward to bouncing my ideas off other writers.

Well, this doesn't seem quite right, but it's true. I'm only taking 17 hours this trimester. I say only because 17 is a pretty light load for me. I've been spending my non-class time in Wells Hall trying to get Tower things squared away. I just wish my adviser was around (and I wish she wouldn't have needed to leave). I can deal with the stress of delayed communication with Laura because she's functioning a lot better than I would in the same situation. Keep on truckin'.

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