Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, I'm spending my days up here in the good ol' Hastings, Mich., where I am staying with the Wallace family and enjoying the presence of their brand new corgi puppy. Apparently, I act as a sedative for babies, be they animal or human, and I induce napping by my presence. That being said, Oliver (the puppy) is a bundle of energy, and it's really funny to see him leaping and playing, and then he just crashes.
The trip was nice, and I really enjoyed seeing Hank and Rosie (Samantha's grandparents) and meeting Donna and Howard (Samantha's other grandparents). It's always nice to meet someone's family.
My yearbook editor scholarship went through on top of my presidential scholarship, so now the school is paying me to go to Northwest. It's nice. More to come later.

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