Monday, September 05, 2005

Drunk girls don't care what you look like.
I decided to go running last about 1 a.m. I donned my usual running apparel: short, a lyrca shirt that wicks moisture away from your body so you don't get as hot, a bright yellow t-shirt so people could see me, and my Nike Free shoes.
I started off by running toward the high rises, ran in front of Dieterich, between the Tower Suites, in front of Phillips and out to Country Club Drive and ran until First Street, where I turned left. I went up to Faustiana Drive, then followed the road down to Grand Avenue, where I turned right. I followed Grand until the second north-south road in the area with the new houses (the road after Edwards), and then I turned left and went out to Munn. I took Munn south until Highway V. I took Highway V to Main Street, and I turned left. I followed Main Street until I got to the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, where I eventually made my way to Walnut. I took Walnut back down to Seventh Street, and then proceeded to run on campus back to the Forest Village Apartments. Total distance: 6.5 miles.
I was going to relate my "Drunk girls don't care what you look like" story at this point, but now I'm not feeling it. I might tell it in person, but I've decided it's not that great of a story.
Well, I need to head over to Wells Hall to get ready for my 5 p.m. meeting. I've realized being editor means you have to prepare for meetings rather than just show up. I need to remember something so I can get everyone's attention. Managing a staff of 17 is difficult when people all talk at the same time.

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