Monday, September 12, 2005

I don't have a lot to post about, but I said some funny stuff today, and I felt like posting some of it.

"I think my psychology professor doesn't believe in evolution" - me (it wasn't funny, but I just wanted people to know)

"They said all the gatorade is being sent to Iraq" - T-Rev"That excuse is lamer than FDR's legs" - me quoting family guy and still looking like an a-hole

"the blind woman said, 'it's about time someone took my picture'" - T-Rev"if you wanted to be really mean, you could have said, 'Would you like to see it?'" - me"okay, you've reached your limit for the day" - T-Rev

"Aunt Jemima is a bitch" - me

"I will need fire making material" - iowa"such as?" - me"wood. kindling. if we go out there after dark it will be super hard, and dark is 8:30" - iowa"hahaha I just made you say you need wood" - me"i want you to know that i'm flipping off the screen as hard as i can" - iowa

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