Friday, September 16, 2005

I have long entertained the idea of working in a career that required me to travel all the time. I hate flying, but I love travel. However, all that time on the airplane is what makes me want to have to fly all that time. Breathing in the stale, recycled air and constantly trying to pop my ears (even when I'm on the ground), my thoughts always stray to death. I always think about what might happen if I were to plummet to the ground in that aerial metal tube. What would people say? Who would get all my stuff from my apartment? Would my body be recovered? I always treat flying a little bit like death.
And I've found this song. There's something about being in a plane, at an airport, on the tarmac -- it always makes me want to write -- to send a message before I ascend into uncertainty. I haven't written anything worthwhile while flying, but someday I'll capture exactly how I feel. Until then, I refer you to this song. It's my favorite from this album.
"Plane"Jason MrazMr. A-Z

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