Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The_Boy_Named_Blue has returned to its original blue format. Well, the colors probably weren't the exact same, but it is definitely blue.
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia will be performing at the Homecoming Variety Show Wednesday-Friday, so make sure you get tickets, come to the show and cheer for us. It's pretty kickass if I do say so myself. Of course, all of the organizations put in a lot of time for these evenings, so make sure you stick around after we perform.
If you couldn't tell, it's Homecoming week, and it's the first NW Homecoming I've had where I'm not stressing out about getting ready for Saturday. It's a good thing! To be honest, I haven't really even been stressing out about skit. Of course, I'm chorus, so I just have to make sure to sing loud and remember the dance moves. Other people have a lot more work.
I'm in a fairly decent mood lately, although I'm still a little tired. We got some work done this weekend for Tower, but we discovered that we had been designing all of our pages for a size 7 book instead of a size 9, so that merits a major redesign. I don't know how it happened, but there's nothing I can do now except suck it up and fix the problem. I *think* we'll be able to get everything done by deadline (Halloween), but please be forgiving if I'm a little cranky for the next two weeks.
Speaking of cranky, I was so angry and bitter and sleep-deprived on Sunday that I drove off from the McDonalds drive-thru when the lady cut me off in my order and gave me my total. I had no patience for people who didn't listen. I still don't. If you work in the service industry and you ask someone a question, listen to their answer. I'd rather you not ask at all if you're not listening.
Okay, rant over. I have some concerns with my other job at the Episcopal Church. I've expressed some of those concerns to Samantha, and I'm not sure that Xanga is the right place to say them again. However, I will say that certain attitudes cause certain problems. Acceptance of other people is very important to the Episcopal Church, and you should be careful about what you're saying. Relgion is ever-changing, and we need to recognize that. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't assume anything. I speak in generalities because that is a diplomatic way of expressing my opinion without offending anyone.
Okay, I need to get to work on psychology stuff, so I'll update more later. Try to stay positive, and if you're feeling down, talk to someone who believes in you. It's a great feeling. You know who you are, and even though you don't read this, thanks.

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