Sunday, December 11, 2005

Update in the Quest for Yoo-Hoo cake. Well, for those of you who didn't read my Xanga in the summer, I set out on a quest to create a Yoo-Hoo flavored cake. The first three tries resulted in: not chocolatey enough, no different than chocolate cake and lacking in that unique flavor.

However, I believe I have come up with my grand solution. I don't have time to pursue my latest idea anytime soon, but I will let the world know of my victory if it works.
I don't drink Yoo-Hoo as often these days, but I enjoy it on occassion.

Well, I have a 200-point paper for English Grammars, a 200-point final for English grammars and a 7:30 final for Editing tomorrow, so I'm going to work.

In the words of the wise Kyle Kurtz, "Drink Yoo-Hoo."
My drinking philosophy: drinking is cyclical. If you keep drinking, you'll get sober.
Are you drunk? Know what the solution is--drink more.

I had a great time drinking with a group of people I've never had the pleasure of partying with before. It was a great prequel to finals and deadline. I also had some great conversations as I was sobering up that I hope were beneficial for everyone involved. I know I feel better having heard many sides.

I'm glad I went to the party tonight. It will be my saving grace. I'll need to go more often after this.

Friday, December 09, 2005

No school on Friday...that means yearbook work time. Went to St. Joseph today to pick up an assortment of books by permanent faculty at the University of Iowa's Writer's Workshop. Three of the four faculty members had books down at Borders. One of the four already had books on my bookshelf. I bought more by him. McPherson wasn't at the store. I guess I'm hitting up amazon (again).

By the way, was anyone else disappointed that the Stroller didn't appear in this week's issue of the Northwest Missourian?

To those going to 'Bama, be safe, be loud and bring back a win.

To those of you staying in the 'Ville, be warm.

To those of you who aren't NW students, be.

I could rant about several things, but I won't.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You want to confuse someone? Write a story about death and the afterlife. Don't make the afterlife normal, make up your own. In fact, have someone trying to kill other people in the afterlife. Can you kill someone who's already dead? Then develop a system of good and evil in a limbo-like state and have an antagonist who kills the protagonist but the protagonist fights for the side of good and is saved because of some cosmic anomaly. Then take it to class and have people read it and try to make sense of it all. When they get really confused, watch their eyes cross in their head.

P.S. Make up words like omniconsciousness. It helps with the confusion. And add a love story. There's nothing like sweet love between a dead person and a living person. *Not sexual...not yet*

P.P.S. But none of that "Ghost" pottery shit.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I really like this story...a lot. All I can say is, thank goodness for plot twists. I love writing fiction.
Boo classes and deadline. Yay fiction. Why can't I get all that I want and none of the trouble?

Of mixed emotions about national championship. Good for Bearcats, bad for yearbook. Just adds another layer of stress to my life. Half of me was excited when we won, the other half was disappointed. I just want this publication to be done. I'm probably the worst Bearcat fan ever.

More homework...

*EDIT* I'm sorry my roommate is sick, but my apartment is entirely too warm for me. I'm tempted to open my window to let in some cool air, but the furnace will just kick on. Why can't I live with other people who like the chill?