Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You want to confuse someone? Write a story about death and the afterlife. Don't make the afterlife normal, make up your own. In fact, have someone trying to kill other people in the afterlife. Can you kill someone who's already dead? Then develop a system of good and evil in a limbo-like state and have an antagonist who kills the protagonist but the protagonist fights for the side of good and is saved because of some cosmic anomaly. Then take it to class and have people read it and try to make sense of it all. When they get really confused, watch their eyes cross in their head.

P.S. Make up words like omniconsciousness. It helps with the confusion. And add a love story. There's nothing like sweet love between a dead person and a living person. *Not sexual...not yet*

P.P.S. But none of that "Ghost" pottery shit.

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