Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So, in all the flurry and hurry of resuming classes, I forgot to tell everyone in Xangaland about the most awkward Christmas present ever.

For those of you who don't know, I'm getting married this June, so Samantha and I get a lot of wedding-related presents at Christmas. So, we went over to my parents' house in the afternoon on Christmas to exchange presents with immediate family before my grandparents came up. As we're going around opening presents, it comes time for Samantha and I to open up a gift to both of us (it's not uncommon).

So we set the gift, which was small and book-shaped, between us and each grab a side to tear. The first word we see on the present: "sex." We both turned more and more red as we opened the present. Turns out, it is a Christian sex book called "Sheet Music." I'm shocked.

Here's the kicker:

My dad leans in and says, "Karen (that's my step-mom) and I have both read this, and we highly recommend it."

Yes, my parents gave us a sex book.

For those of you wondering what a "Christian sex book" is, it's a book all about sex, but it also supplies Bible passages to let you know what's okay to do.

And yes, the author does refer to his penis as "Mr. Happy."


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