Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well, I'm alive and kicking. I went under the knife Thursday evening, and I've been resting up at Samantha's apartment since then. This morning I was able to tie my own shoes. I'm still pretty limited in terms of mobility, but I'm all right. I feel really bad about missing out on Tower deadline, but I couldn't hold off on the surgery.

My appendix was wrapped around my liver and right against my kidney. If it had ruptured the infection would have spread right into those vital organs. In other words, I would have been extremely sick or could have died. Instead I just have three small incisions in my abdomen that make it somewhat difficult to move.

In other news, my yearbook staff kicks major ass. They've really done a great job while I've been laid up. I'm really proud of them. I know deadline can suck ass, but they've proven themselves this time.

Well, more to come later.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Once upon a time I had an appendix. That time is no more.

I have picture for those who are obsessed with the disgusting.

Monday, February 20, 2006

"No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions." - H.W. Beecher

My life seems to be moving at light speed. However, I can't seem to catch up. I haven't even broken the sound barrier. Fourth (and pretty much final) deadline is one week away. We have a lot of work before we reach that day, but I think we'll be okay for the most part. Now if the server would actually work...I have a couple creative writing deadlines before I get to yearbook deadline, so let's see how that all goes. I just want to avoid the big "D" word after this is all over.

It used to be a rush. Now it's just too stressful.I haven't been keeping up with the xanga mainly because I haven't been keeping up with anything. I've started reading all the time when I'm not working, so that's pretty nice. I finished three books last week (one was for a class). I'm halfway through another one. This is a good thing because there is a giant stack of books I haven't read on my bookshelf. However, reading is preferable to working, so that is a bad thing.Well, I need to get to work. More later.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh Monday, you would.
So I took a shower just a bit ago and I was about to update when I realized that I never actually rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. I think I'm getting senile (at 21 nonetheless).

My Monday was adequate. I can never bring myself to get out of bed when I don't have class in the morning, and I think that needs to change. As I talked about in one of my earlier posts, I've been battling some major fatigue. I think I've figured out why, but I'll just keep that to myself.

I went running tonight. I realized that if I want to be in shape for my wedding photos, I should probably start on that now rather than closer to the big date. I need to push myself to stay active, but I have confidence in myself. Maybe it will help with the fatigue too. It's kind of counterintuitive that exercising leads to more energy, but it's true.

In other news, yearbook deadline four is 13 days away. After that, only proofs for that deadline and four pages (basketball) are left. Those should be done 1 1/2 weeks into March. Then my official duties as yearbook editor-in-chief become pretty slim. I'm really looking forward to that.

I must say that I love it when the choir sings are church, but I'm looking forward to being the only person there at 10 a.m. this week. You guys are seriously cutting into my practice time on other Sundays. Oh well. I'd rather have you than not.

Deadlines for Medium Weight Forks, Celebration of Quality and Thirty One Seventy are rapidly approaching, and I haven't had time to work on any submissions (except for Celebration, those were pretty much finished in Nov.). I need to get started on those. Now, if only Writing & Publishing would stop demanding so much of my time. I guess that's what I get for taking a 500-level course.

Well, I need to get some homework and reading done, so I'll talk more later.

*EDIT* I spent some time this evening working on submissions for creative writing. However, I would like some second or third opinions on the quality of my work. Please let me know if you'd be willing to read through some of my stuff and let me know what you think.

Friday, February 10, 2006

1. Walmart Pets & Live Fish the primary purpose of this job was scooping and counting dead fish, cleaning aquariums and selling those few surviving fish. I've seen our aquatic friends in all states of decomposition thanks to this job, and in the end, I quit because they stopped scheduling me to do this.
2. Church Choir Accompanist in high school, pulling in 80 bucks for three hours of work per week was nice, very nice. However, it did ensure that I went to church every Sunday, a habit that I've continued because I still work at a church.
3. Insurance processor in a cubicle, for two summers and one winter break. Very straightforward job: take application, enter application, check application, submit. Very boring job. I've spent my birthday in a cubicle. I feel like an adult.
4. Centennial Research Assistant Ask me anything about Northwest history. I can either tell you the answer or tell you where you need to look. I've read every issue of the Missourian from 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005 along with the two history books and almost every yearbook. I am a wellspring of useless data.

1. Frida - The unibrow just doesn't get to me. I think it bothered me for the first couple minutes but then I became enthralled in the story. Great piece.
2. Spirited Away - I loves me my subtitles.
3. Amelie - "How many people are having an orgasm right now?" "Fifteen."
4. dead tie between Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come - don't you just love puns?

1. Independence, Missouri Ages 1-4.
2. Buckner, Missouri Ages 4-16.
3. Hastings, Michigan Ages 16-19 The land that time forgot.
4. Maryville, Missouri Because I loves me my small towns.

1. Futurama - funny, underappreciated show.
2. Family Guy - Why not?.
3. The Daily Show - America needs its fake news.
4. Iron Chef - Chuck Norris is Iron Chef Roundhouse Kick.

1. Sanibel Island, Florida - Nice!
2. Deerlodge, Montana - there's a drive-in restaurant right next to a prison. gotta love my dad's hometown.
3. Albuquerque, New Mexico - I love the desert landscape and summer flash floods.
4. Estes Park, Colorado - I've been there several times in my life. I think it belongs to a part of my past that's long gone. I haven't been in about 10 years. I'm so much different now, I'm not sure I can go back.

1. Jambalaya
2. Paninis
3. Gyros
4. Children

1. You Know How You Do
2. Be The Boy
3. Toothpaste For Dinner
4. The Superficial

Monday, February 06, 2006

So tired...
I'm battling some major fatigue. Part of me thinks it's just stress; the other part thinks it's something a little more serious. I should probably go to the doctor to get checked out, but I'm hestitant.

In other news, homework sucks. That is all.

Dear Professors,
Can we finish February before you start assigning any more homework/papers/projects? They are really eating away too much of my time right now. Thanks.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not quite as tired

Well, I've been getting a little bit more sleep recently, and I've tried to avoid too much stress. I was in a horrible mood yesterday. I just walked around in a cloud of rage. I can get pretty cranky when I'm tired. Now I'm just trying to deal with my constant headache and attempting to do some work.

I've been looking for jobs this afternoon, and I found one in North Kansas City that looks pretty promising. I'm not sure about the commute, but I'll think about it. It's a job working as a proofreader for a yearbook company. However, I won't be on the side where I'm trying to make deadline; I'll be on the side where I'm waiting for people to make deadline. I know tons of stuff about yearbooks, so it should be pretty easy to get the job.

Graduate school seems very far off, especially because I have practically nothing for my portfolio. It doesn't help that I'm in two writing classes that keep having me write non-fiction pieces. My fiction work is just sitting in the background waiting for me to tackle them again. I'm really tempted to try the poetry program at Iowa because I can write and revise poetry a lot easier, but I really want to be a fiction writer. I shouldn't take the easy way out. I hope I can get into grad school soon, but it could take me awhile.

I don't know if Phi Mu Alpha actually ended up having Man of Music practice this evening at six. I heard it was a possibility, but I didn't hear for sure. With this headache, I'm not sure I could stand to sing anyway. If there was practice after football, I apologize for missing it.

This evening should consist of homework, but I also need to pick up some new khakis. I'm thinking that a trip to St. Joseph is in order because JC Penney doesn't have any khakis that I want. I still haven't decided if I'm actually going down to St. Joe, but I might.

I think the spring semester is always bad for me because stress has a cumulative effect. I can handle the stress during the fall, but it just keeps piling up in the spring. That's when I start to get the constant headaches and the back problems and the fatigue. I want a vacation now. Can't we all take a month off of school and just take things easy?

I'm just kind of rambling, so I think I'll let this post go for now.