Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not quite as tired

Well, I've been getting a little bit more sleep recently, and I've tried to avoid too much stress. I was in a horrible mood yesterday. I just walked around in a cloud of rage. I can get pretty cranky when I'm tired. Now I'm just trying to deal with my constant headache and attempting to do some work.

I've been looking for jobs this afternoon, and I found one in North Kansas City that looks pretty promising. I'm not sure about the commute, but I'll think about it. It's a job working as a proofreader for a yearbook company. However, I won't be on the side where I'm trying to make deadline; I'll be on the side where I'm waiting for people to make deadline. I know tons of stuff about yearbooks, so it should be pretty easy to get the job.

Graduate school seems very far off, especially because I have practically nothing for my portfolio. It doesn't help that I'm in two writing classes that keep having me write non-fiction pieces. My fiction work is just sitting in the background waiting for me to tackle them again. I'm really tempted to try the poetry program at Iowa because I can write and revise poetry a lot easier, but I really want to be a fiction writer. I shouldn't take the easy way out. I hope I can get into grad school soon, but it could take me awhile.

I don't know if Phi Mu Alpha actually ended up having Man of Music practice this evening at six. I heard it was a possibility, but I didn't hear for sure. With this headache, I'm not sure I could stand to sing anyway. If there was practice after football, I apologize for missing it.

This evening should consist of homework, but I also need to pick up some new khakis. I'm thinking that a trip to St. Joseph is in order because JC Penney doesn't have any khakis that I want. I still haven't decided if I'm actually going down to St. Joe, but I might.

I think the spring semester is always bad for me because stress has a cumulative effect. I can handle the stress during the fall, but it just keeps piling up in the spring. That's when I start to get the constant headaches and the back problems and the fatigue. I want a vacation now. Can't we all take a month off of school and just take things easy?

I'm just kind of rambling, so I think I'll let this post go for now.

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