Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well, I'm alive and kicking. I went under the knife Thursday evening, and I've been resting up at Samantha's apartment since then. This morning I was able to tie my own shoes. I'm still pretty limited in terms of mobility, but I'm all right. I feel really bad about missing out on Tower deadline, but I couldn't hold off on the surgery.

My appendix was wrapped around my liver and right against my kidney. If it had ruptured the infection would have spread right into those vital organs. In other words, I would have been extremely sick or could have died. Instead I just have three small incisions in my abdomen that make it somewhat difficult to move.

In other news, my yearbook staff kicks major ass. They've really done a great job while I've been laid up. I'm really proud of them. I know deadline can suck ass, but they've proven themselves this time.

Well, more to come later.

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