Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I've been desiring a change in blog location for awhile now, and I thought now would be an appropriate time. So here it is, The Boy Named Blue has moved onto blogspot. I'll be customizing this a bit more as I become more comfortable with html formatting.

Well, I didn't get the job at Northwest, so it's back to the great job hunt. Fortunately, I think I have some strong leads this time around. Granted, one of the jobs I applied for is no longer listed, but the other two are pretty secure. One is a job working with pre-press desktop publishing. In other words, one of my favorite parts of working for student publications. It's for a printing press here in Maryville, so I'm hoping they'll want me.

The other job is in St. Joseph at Best Buy. Back in May, I had pretty strong prospects there, but I was unavailable for an interview due to the fact that I was in Michigan. I'm back and they're hiring, so I'm keeping my hopes up. The only difficult part will be choosing between the two jobs (if it comes to that). I guess I'll cross that bridge when it arrives.

My novel has reached somewhat of a standstill as I find myself needing to do a little bit of research before writing any more. You see, I'm traveling through the past lives of the main character, but I need to have a better historical grasp of what he would have encountered. In addition, I'm trying to figure out just how many past lives an individual would have. I'm coping with the issues of gender change, species change and other variables that are throwing me for a loop right now.

In the interest of better understanding reincarnation, I bought a book on the subject. However, I will be returning said book because it's written by the leader of the Eck...something religious movement. Apparently he's the current incarnation of the highest religious being in the order. His arguments for reincarnation are a little too weighted in his particular religious views for me continue reading it. I guess I'm looking for something more philosophically based than religiously based.

I think the evidence for reincarnation is pretty strong, but there are a lot of people who are so ass-backwards in the idea that they're beginning to ruin its appeal. People claiming to be Anne Boleyn or the thief that ratted out Anne Frank and her family...we weren't all famous in our past lives. I'm fairly certain I was quite the fancy shit farmer in medieval times. Granted, I don't want my main character to have the most boring lives, but come on.

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