Thursday, November 16, 2006


I definitely feel tired, but don't feel like I can fall asleep. Maybe I should go drive around for awhile, since that always makes me feel like passing out. However, 'tis not a healthy thing to sleep behind the wheel. Rather than taking full advantage of this late-night, I've been wasting my time surfing around the internet and organizing my documents. I have a pretty comprehensive shopping list for tomorrow's errands, at least.

I want to complain about work, but I don't really have any other options right now. Believe me, I've looked around. I look around every day. It's times like these when I really dislike living in the middle of nowhere, College Town, USA. Sure, there are a few part-time positions in the area, but nothing that actually requires any of the skills that I learned in college. Basically, the last three years of my life are proving to be of little value right now. Sure, I'm going to earn a more advanced degree (pending acceptance into a program), and I'm not at the terminus of my career preparation path, but it sucks.

To end on a positive note (seeing as how I'm trying to be positive), it's not the end yet. It will get better.

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