Thursday, November 02, 2006

Life Post-Stroller

It's Thursday, which means this week's edition of the Northwest Missourian is out. I've only glanced at one issue since graduating from NW this spring, but for some reason I thought about it this evening.

As many people have learned, I was the Stroller this last spring. There are a few statements I hope impacted the students and faculty, but let's face it: writing an anonymous editorial column every week is just a constant fight against spewing forth pure suckage. So here are some of my favorite clips from this past spring. I haven't read the Stroller since I left, but I hope it's providing something for the school.

"If you want to go to AFTERdark, go to AFTERdark. If you are a Christian, more power to you. If you can’t accept non-Christians, reassess your faith. Why is it so important to make sure others believe the same things you do?"

"Did you know that if you search for the Mods on the Northwest Web site, it turns up only one hit for the actual buildings?
It seems the administration has simply chosen to gloss over the fact that for the past several years they’ve considered that doublewide trailers are suitable for students. Why, they’ve even added awnings outside."

"We live in a society where we talk about freedom of speech and the First Amendment, but most people can’t even tell you all the rights granted to us in the amendment.
Religion, press, petition, assembly and speech. Memorize that. Although we are a nation founded from Puritan ideals, must we continue to base our governmental actions on a strict moral code that denies the rights of many of its own citizens?
Your Man doesn’t think so. Although things might be a little different and alarming at times, the best way to new ideas is new standards. What was once unspeakable is now commonplace, and the censorship of today only denies the progress of tomorrow."

Just a few thoughts I wanted to revisit.

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