Sunday, January 28, 2007

I visited two entirely contrasting self-images of my writing early this morning. I'm anxious to hear back from graduate schools on my acceptance status, and I've been trying to find out exactly when I should expect news, so I did a blog search, ending up on a site that listed the rate of acceptance for one of my schools at a measly 3.3%. Without having been officially rejected, I took it as a major blow to my chances. However, I also found an email in my Hotmail inbox informing me of a MySpace comment on my blog there. (It's the same thing as the previous entry, but I felt like generating some activity on my account). A college art professor had happened across my mini-essay on Batik, and he commented on my musings. He said he really liked what I had to say and asked if he could use my philsophy when he taught Batik in his classes. He also gave me a couple of suggestions on things to add in possible revisions. It was a nice feeling.

I'm working my way into writing more on my story this evening. I've already donned my writing attire, and I'm all set for a nice creative spree. So I'll leave you with just a short lyric fragment from my current artist I'm listening to. I'm not 100% sure what makes David Ford so appealing, but he speaks to me right now. It's probably the season.

David Ford - Song For The Road

So you can keep your belief in whatever
I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo
While poets try to engineer definitions of love
You know all I can think of is you

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