Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dear Hy-Vee Customer,

Although many of my coworkers do not understand proper grocery bagging procedure, I myself have a good grasp of proper guidelines for sacking your groceries. I do not find it necessary nor prudent to smash your bread, eggs or tomatoes simply because of my ineptitude regarding common sense. Furthermore, I attempt to follow the proper bagging procedures as outlined by the materials of which I am using.

The proper response to receiving a full bag of groceries which you cannot apparently lift but is not overpacked is, "These bags are too heavy for me. Can you please sack them more lightly?" The appropriate response is not, "These bags are too heavy; they are going to break." The bags in which I have sacked your groceries are designed to carry a specific weight, and, barring manufacturing anomalies, will indubitably carry the weight of materials they are designed for. I would not deliberately place your groceries in a sack that could not handle the weight intended.

Additionally, although it is my utmost duty to provide you with prompt, efficient service, this does not translate into making sure you will never have to wait in line. There are certain duties I must carry out as a manager of this retail establishment that will draw me away from the registers. Because you have to wait in line longer than 10 seconds does not translate into poor service. If you would like to experience poor service, I will refer you to our competitors.

As myself and fellow employees provide you with exemplary service, please remember that we are fellow human beings. When we greet you with a friendly smile and salutation, we expect a response. Simply ignoring our attempts to be cordial exacerbate our poor morale. We do not expect you to be pleasant every time you visit our store, but common courtesy does dictate acknowleding our existence. You get angry when we do not converse with you. Please do not try to establish some sort of double standard.

In conclusion, work in the service industry mandates a certain expecation that some members of the population will be unappreciative of our efforts, but any recognition on our behalf is greatly appreciated.

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