Thursday, June 26, 2008

How do you finish a story about a man becoming a tree? I don't know that I have that one quite figured out, but at least I know more than, "Josh was a tree." In fact, I know a lot more about Josh than his physical state. The question is (for both myself and Josh): "What's next?"

Sometimes I'm even surprised where my writing leads me.

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Precious said...

A tree... interesting twist. There are stories aplenty about people becoming animals, and then the occasional tale told from the point of view of a plant - though nothing (that I know of, anyhow) about a man actually becoming a plant. Though I suppose there is an abundance of metaphors - deep roots, strong as an oak, reaching out, etc., etc. Of course there are downsides - the threat of lightning and tornadoes and ice storms, broken branches, being cut down for space or wood or paper, the insects. Then the more off-the-wall ideas like trees-have-eyes or the whole be-a-hippie-and-hug-a-tree deal. Now I'm rambling.

"What's next?" Good question. What do men and trees have in common? What potential fates do we share? What concerns or fears or hopes might one have in such a state?

Don't take this as any attempt to direct your writing. I just read your post and it got me thinking on my own a little. It's an interesting idea with a lot of good potential if you can find a way to untangle it a bit.