Monday, October 06, 2008

I enjoy Chopin. I heard a song tonight that was a study on one of Chopin's Etudes, essentially a study on a study. Apparently the composer didn't find Chopin's original work challenging enough, so he made them more complicated. Adrienne Rich has a poem entitled "Transcendental Etude," which we studied in my Silence in Modern Literature course. Although the decreationist tone in the poem is critical of adept, practiced performers, there's still an appreciation of the significance of musical thought hidden in the text. Or maybe I just want there to be an appreciation. Whatever the case, that poem always makes me want to play Chopin.


Precious said...

Hey, I keep forgetting to mention to you that I have a gift for you from Beth. We'll have to find a time to get that to you.

Precious said...

I was mostly piddling around on the job search at first, but picked up on it more recently with all that's been going on. There are a few writing/editing jobs in KC that I've applied for. I'm considering looking in the Lincoln area too. I don't know that I can land something before the real brunt of the holidays hits, but I can always try, right?

One of my bosses tells me I need to stop being so nice and learn to be a bitch once in a while--to the point that he says he wouldn't mind if people ended up using the Open Door on me. I think that might be a bit extreme, but he is right in that I have a hard time coming down on people. Yeah, retail's a blast.