Saturday, October 04, 2008

I have this list of things I would like to do, but I seem to lack the time and/or motivation to actually carry out these plans. I guess I just need a little motivation to actually achieve these not-so-lofty-but-ever-so-elusive goals. I should embrace my OCD tendencies and organize my life. When I was 11, I would write out a daily schedule with events listed in 15-minute increments. Sometimes I miss that anal-retentive version of myself, but I know he's just sleeping, awaiting the return of that strange behavior. What activities were so pressing to young me that I felt the need to allot time for them? I guess I just need to regain a little bit of that crazy.

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Precious said...

Amazing. I used to make plans for my life, but never in so narrow a scope as 15 minute increments!! I think the smallest I ever got was scheduling by the hour. There are things about myself that I miss from childhood as well: perhaps the biggest being my former sense of optimism and confidence--that nothing could ever stop me from anything that I wanted to do.

I'm curious now... what are these things that you would like to do?